Shadow Coaching 

Shadow Coaching - or also referred to as 'live' coaching - is a relatively new approach in the world of coaching.

It is an advanced and intensive level of coaching that is based on real time observation of the client, whether the client is:

- a corporate executive in the board meeting; 

- a manager or leader chairing a meeting or a disciplinary session; 

- a trainer who is facilitating a training session; 

- a teacher or lecturer who is teaching class; 

- a public speaker or 

- a performer 

-  and even someone parenting someone in a family environment.

Often the coach can only work with what the client tells them. This potentially leaves a large area of the client's professional or personal life which remains unexplored. 

With Shadow Coaching, the coach has the privilege of observing the client while they are in action in their own environment

As a coach, I thus get to coach the client on what they actually do, rather than relying on what the client tells me. I can observe - while taking a back-set - the dynamics of the interaction, the influence of and affect on the other people as well as the environment and therefore I get a first-hand experience of how the client responds to these.

I don’t interfere while observing (unless you ask for my input) and after the Shadow Coaching session we meet for a one-on-one debrief coaching session during which we discuss the dynamics of what has happened and what you could have done differently next time.

If it is impractical (for logistical reasons) for me accompany the client in person, then an alternative option is for me to observe the meeting via video-link, or the client has the option of recording the meeting and sending the recording (unedited, or course!to me for analysis.

A question which is often asked is if other people will think it's weird that someone is coaching them. No, not if the coach is introduced in advance as someone who is there to support you personally and that it is for your very own professional or personal development - the coaching is about you….not about them. 

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