What is REBC? 

Rational Emotive Behaviour Coaching, also know as Cognitive Behaviour Coaching, focuses on the three aspects of ourselves which we CAN change - what we Think; how we Feel and what we Do. 

From a very early age, we start adopting various beliefs about the world we live in and beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs form a Belief System which has a profound influence on our behaviour. 

Our Beliefs dictate WHY we do the things we do, as well as HOW we do them.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, as well as to the people who care about us, to: 

- frequently audit our existing Belief Systems;

- determine which Belief Systems still serve us well;

- to change the Belief Systems that prevent us from living a joyful, meaningful life.

How does it work?

During the coaching process, I hold up the proverbial mirror and reflect the client's current patterns of behaviour and thought processes.

Furthermore, when required, we explore obsolete thought patterns and belief systems, while inviting the client to explore and create new ways of thinking and doing…and ultimately feeling better.

In each session, the client directs the intention and focus of the conversation, while I listen, reflect observations and contribute to the process by asking explorative questions. 

I will support the process by providing respect, directness, honesty and commitment to the client and the coaching process.

The other vitally important and integral part of coaching is that I will also hold the client accountable to do that which they commit to taking action on.

How long does it take?

Sessions are typically 1-hour in duration. Coaching is hard work (for both people) and experience has shown the the energy is often depleted after 60 minutes.

Initially, I would meet with a client for a weekly coaching session. Ideally, no longer than 2 weeks should occur between sessions (for this first phase of coaching)

During the first session, we will 'contract' or agree on what we are focusing on during the initial phase of sessions.

After the first session (once the client had a firth's experience of my style) I will request the client to commit to a number of session. The number of sessions will depend on what we focus on and depends on what I observe during the first session.

At the end of the first phase of sessions (typically 5), we re-assess by asking determining questions: 

1. Are we continuing with another phase of sessions? Ultimately the client is in control of their progress and needs to take accountability for that.

2. How many sessions do we agree on before? Often, the real issue (rather than the superficial topic) surfaces during the first phase of coaching.

3. During the next phase of sessions, what is our frequent of session? It is counter-productive to make the client 'reliant' on me, therefore we need to create a longer period to time between session.

Typically we could move from having a session once per week, to once every 2 week, then once per month, then once every 6 months or ad hoc.


It demands courage to be coached and therefore it is vital that the client is


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