The meaning of the name and the design of the logo

The name DragonMuse is derived from my Eastern Astrological Sign which is the Dragon. In Chinese mythology, the Dragon is revered as a very auspicious mythical creature which is powerful and vehemently protective.  

A Muse is someone who offers creative inspiration. To muse is to ponder, to ask questions and to explore and investigate in order to derive to new insights and meaning….precisely the process I apply in my coaching style.

The logo is inspired by an ancient symbol which contains three dragon heads. The three heads relate to the main aspects of what I focus on in my coaching model: ThoughtsEmotions and Behaviour; on other words thinking, feeling and doing

The rotation signifies that nothing or none is static, but in a constant state of change. Because we have the ability to change, almost anything is possible…hence connecting back to the "magical" Dragon.

The logo used was designed and painted by the artist Heiné de Waal.

The colours Blue and Indigo are representative of the 5th and the 6th chakras which respectively signify Communication (5th) and Insight (6th)

The colours Orange and Yellow are representative of the 2nd and the 3rd chakras which respectively signify Emotions (2nd) and Self-esteem (3rd).

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