Interpersonal/Emotional Intelligence is one of the primary 

determinants of success in both our work and our personal lives. 

However, unlike IQ, Interpersonal Intelligence can be increased and enhanced.

  • Psychology at Work’s Interpersonal Intelligence Programme helps individuals, teams and organisations to optimise their interpersonal style by helping individuals shift behaviour that complicates relationships and limits the attainment of their objectives.
  • This process allows for behaviour shift in various contexts. For example, if we are motivated to change the way we manage upwards, i.e. our boss - and it is successful - then we are likely to generalise our new skills and behaviour to other contexts, like our intimate partnerships, relationships with our children and even mother-in-laws, as well as subordinates, etc.
  • A cognitive behavioural methodology is employed so as to enable deep, meaningful and sustained change. To help give participants the courage to change, the facilitation process and style makes full use of humour and irreverence to enable them to appreciate their humanity! (Be warned!) 

                                                           How does the Interpersonal Intelligence Programme work? 


Facilitated understanding of the behavioural model, with colourful and personal   examples.  By the end of day 1, individuals share a common language in the classification of different behaviors.


Cognitive behavioural techniques are used to facilitate a self-managed mind-shift in term of behavior. By the end of day 2, participants will have an awareness of how to emotionally manage themselves and how to deal with others.


Recipes for dealing with specific interactions are practiced. Feedback from the group and the facilitator(s) is shared.  By the end of day 3, individuals will have practised their new interpersonal style.


Giving and receiving feedback in a “live” situation helps individuals entrench their new skills and gives them the opportunity to achieve a successful experience.  By the end of day 4, individuals will have given one another real-time feedback.

Who could consider participating?

The programme assists individuals who:

  • undersell themselves and want to increase their confidence in interpersonal situations;

  • want to avoid others misconstruing what they say and do;

  • respond to challenges defensively, over-sensitively, or by withdrawing or becoming aggressive;

  • want to learn to apply behaviour that originates from a position of love and not fear;

  • need to understand criticism and make a sustainable change in their attitude and response;

  • want to improve their physical, mental, emotional and  spiritual health;

  • want to improve their interpersonal skills and in so doing behave in concord with their ‘highest self’;

  • want to become aware of their behaviour styles and learn how to live closer to their purpose;

  • want like to improve their own communication style and keep ego’s on a short leash;

  • are inclined to rescue others and want practical recipes for empowering and guiding others to take responsibility for their own lives

  • The Interpersonal Intelligence Programme runs over four consecutive days or alternatively over 2 days + 2 days with one week in-between. The programme is simultaneously facilitated by two well experienced facilitators.
  • In order to ensure quality, the number of participants booked for each programme is limited to twelve participants. Advanced booking is therefore essential.
  • The cost of the programme includes training material, pre-work and venue (tea and lunch) costs.  
  • Please contact Demyan or Justine for information about the programme, fees, venue etc. or to make a booking.
  • Six open programmes are presented each year. Corporate in-house programmes are presented on request.

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