Living with HIV is an opportunity to 


There are so many challenges that one needs to cope with when HIV-positive:

Staying healthy; one's own fear and those of others; side-effects of medication; self-love; accepting help; getting educated about HIV; discrimination; prejudice; being accepted (or not); retaining both a positive attitude and remaining hopeful.

There are also so many potential “gifts” which flow from being HIV-positive

Self-acceptance; accepting love; accepting support from friends and family; facing and dealing with fears; living in the “now”; medication (ARVs); opportunities; getting in touch with one's own inner-strength; being grateful for being alive.

One of the vital factors that enable the wonderful alchemy of turning a potential death-sentence into a golden gift, is the support of people who care. The value of empathylove and authentic caring cannot be over-emphasised.

First-prize is to receive this caring from a loved one such as one's family or friends. But when this is not possible, there are many other types of care available in the form of counselling, support groups and organisations specialising in HIV- and Aids-support and education. 

While working with a client, we focus on the following aspects:

- Accepting reality'

- Managing a responsible and healthy lifestyle;

- Learning new coping skills;

- Education about HIV & HIV-testing;

- Disclosure;

- Relationship dynamics;

- Sero-discordant relationships ('magnetic' couples);

- Dealing with ARVs (antiretroviral therapy) and the side-effects of medication and HIV;

- Dealing with discrimination;

- Supporting the families of people living with HIV.

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