Family Coaching & Therapy

According to the McMaster approach of Family Therapy, the family is seen as a system which consists within a system and in relation to other systems. The unique characteristics of the family cannot simply be reduced to the personalities or behaviour of the family members. Rather, there are explicit and implicit rules and actions  which govern and affect each other's behaviour.

As the coach, I focus on the process occurring within the family system which produces a particle behaviour or dynamic, more so than with the individuals. 

Coaching is thus directed at changing the system and thereby the individuals. 

The concepts of communication; interpersonal skills; learning theory and transactions approach are drawn upon, although the infrastructure remains the system model.

The Mc Master Model considers family functions in the following criteria:

- Problem solving;

- Communication styles;

- Roles we play;

- Affective Responsiveness and Involvement;

- Behaviour adjustment.

Effective families solve most problems rapidly, easily and without much thought. In order to achieve this, together we will focus on the following aspects:

- Identification of the problem;

- Communication of the problem to appropriate resources within or outside the family;

- Development of alternative actions plans;

- Decision regarding suitable actions;

- Actions;

- Monitoring the actions; 

- Evaluating the success of the action.

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