Do you ever find yourself saying...?

  • “I am totally overwhelmed by all I have to do and I’m not sure the time I spend will amount to anything anyway”
  • “I never seem to get to my creative passions even though I intend to"
  • "I have SO many ideas but I don’t know where to start"
  • “I never finish the creative projects I start”


The creative artist needs someone who will understand their sensitivities, their dislike for structure and authority, and their potential for success when play, nurturing and imagination are tools. 

You could benefit from a coach who understands the symbioses of life & creativity coaching.

Have you ever considered hiring a Creativity Coach?

A Creativity Coach can add meaningfulness and direction to your creative projects.

“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it! Because what the world needs  is people who have come alive.” (Howard Thurman)

Many successful people realize the benefits of using the help, insight and guidance of others. Direction is not always clear in the creative process and can be made much easier by using an experienced creativity coach.

You are a creative person, which means you might often rebel against your own structure. You have the best intentions to get started and then you end up doing a number of other things. Often you beat yourself up for setting an intention and not getting to it.

At times you have an idea, inspiration or dream that you are just not getting to on your own. You need to use the accountability and wisdom of someone who knows the creative process enough to use the non-linear, motivation tools that make getting to the process easy, improvement and breakthroughs imminent and finishing the process.

When experiencing a block (resistance, lack of direction and ideas, fear, self criticism, doubt), you need specific tools and techniques to successfully address all of the common obstacles standing in the way of creative fulfilment.

You might also need to make your business more distinctive and competitive, to market successfully, a more professional and assertive approach and to work for yourself — but you do not know where to start.

At times you may lack confidence, discipline or focus when it comes to creativity.

Perhaps you’ve reached a point in your life where creativity is vitally important to your fulfillment. You are disillusioned with your work and are ready to go fast-forward into creative actualization of your interests and talents.

The 12-week Creativity Coaching Programme

Finding Meaningfulness & Focussing
  1. Find support and structure to get focused, find direction, and finally engage in your creative passions and follow-through.
  2. Receive ideas and inspiration in a specific area of creativity where you are blocked.
  3. Move towards a more fulfilling life work.
  4. Explore and discover the fulfilment of creativity.
  5. Receive structure and accountability that honours your sensitivities, individual styles and tendency to resist structure, goals and authority that you experience as a creative person.
  6. How to handle every day circumstances and challenges that interfere with creating.
  7. Use tools that move you past immobilizing perfectionism, procrastination, lack of time, lack of focus, difficulty beginning, difficulty finishing, feeling  overwhelmed, self-sabotage, feelings of inadequacy about your work.
  8. Discover and/or use your talents in a satisfying way.

Developing a High Performance Mind
  1. Discover how you can be even more creative than you already are - Creativity does not have a ceiling!
  2. Increasing intuition, insight and empathy
  3. Experience deeper levels of spirituality and awareness
  4. Expand your experience of creative joy and expression.

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