Some people are excited by it (Bring it ON!!) while other people are fearful of it (PLEASE don't fight with me!)

We live in a world where people have different values, opposing agendas and conflicting goals. We live and work with people who have different personalities, a range of communication styles and a vast variety of past experiences relating to handling conflict.

Conflict is thus a reality of live - sometimes we are even in conflict with ourselves! Most often we are in conflict with:

- Parents or siblings

- Families

- Teenagers

- Spouses or lovers

- Managers and co-workers

When we are involved in a conflict situation, it is difficult - extremely difficult - to remain rational, solution focussed and calm. It is then highly advisable and to call in an objective third-party, someone who is skilled at handling conflict and who has no alliance to either of the parties involved in the conflict. 

How does it work?

This is a facilitated process during which I will act as an impartial mediator.

In addition, I will demonstrate and share conflict resolution skills and invite the opposing parties to apply these new skills with the ultimate objective of reaching a win-win outcome and solutions.

For the sake of full transparency, both/all parties will be present at the session(s)

I will explain in detail what to expect from the process and together we will set the 'rules' of engagement 

Both/all parties will then have the opportunity to air their views, concerns and ideal outcomes

We do this via a process of:

- Clarify communication while applying specific talking skills and listening  skills

- Reflection 

- Identifying shared objectives and values

- Identifying differences in views or opinions

- Exploring potential solutions

- Identifying win-win solutions

- Plotting a path forward

- Accountability and consequences 

The main objective is allowing the conflicting parties to come up with their own solutions. 


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