Q: What impact has the experience of coaching had on your life?

“My goals are more natural; I am integrating the goals into life and the process of living. The true value comes from me giving the gift of coaching to myself. Even a greater value is in creating a “witness” to one’s life and in the time and space given to be that witness.

“More consciousness and awareness. Better insight to what is happening in my life and towards life in general. The learning of new coping skills and applying those skills in my life.”

“It helped me to gain clarity on where I am at the moment.  What I am going through is not unexpected – it is natural. There are things that I need to change in my relationships with other people as well as with myself.”

“A calming effect.”

“Massive increase in awareness of self.”

“More balance.” “More depth.”

“Learned new coping skills of which ‘Breathing’ is most important.”

“Less intense and less confusion.”

“I feel more comfortable with myself”.


“I have more structure in my day e.g. planning my day, keeping a journal, better routine with medication and adjusting my sleep times with the medication. My relationship with my family improved. I have more focus and drive for my academic work because of improved communication with my teachers, while trying to spend more time studying and less avoidance. I am also slowly starting to manage my emotions in a different way.”

“It made me more aware of what I do and of what’s happening. I now actively try and change things.”

“It feels as if I have been dead and NOW I am awake again!”

“I have seen a vast improvement in my confidence and my communication.”

Q: What recommendations do you have for anybody while working with a Coach? 

“Do the assignments!!!”

“Be honest with your coach.”

“Open up and maintain an open mind.”

“Be receptive.”

“Understand that it is a process.”

“Address the issues for which you are seeing the coach. Be open-minded. Be respectful to the coach and don’t insult him.”

“Be as open as possible, otherwise you’re not helping yourself”. 

“Be ready to make a change - it is definitely not a waste of time.”

“Listen to your coach and do what he tells you to do. Be willing, be honest and have an open mind.”

“Stick to it. Do what is assigned to you. Be diligent. Practise and implement what you learn.”

“Always be open and honest. You’re either ready for coaching or you’re not – of you are not ready then leave it.”

Q: What metaphor or analogy would you use to describe the coaching process? 

“Out of the mud comes the lotus”.

“It is like throwing a fish that has never swum into water and in fact doesn’t even know that it can swim, and then its like ‘Whoa, I can swim!’”. 

“It is like the metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly.”

“It is like learning to walk. It is a natural thing, but someone is helping you along your way.”

“Its like having a new hair style – it takes some time to get use to it and sometimes the hair stings your eyes and it is irritating; but at the end of the day it’s worth it and it feels good. ‘I am smiling again’.”

“It is like going to refuel your car once a week, giving you the energy to make it along the road you travel on.”

“Coaching is like a train-ride with many station stops. Sometimes one needs to off-load some issues or habits and sometimes one need to take-on certain skill or habits.”

"It is like a done of bricks has been lifted off my soul...my being".

Q: What is the most significant single “Gift” you are taking from this coaching? 

“AWARENESS is the key to it all.”

“Knowledge and understanding of life and people in general.” 


“Some kind of peace. Definitely balance and clarity!”

“I am starting to see the bigger picture of life – like a 3D box. This allows me to see things in perspective.”

"I am who I choose to be, I have the power to change my future."

Q: Additional personal observations?

“I was very sceptical of the coaching process, but it has been a life changing experience for me.  It has opened me up to a whole new spiritual world and it has helped me find balance and purpose in my life. I would recommend it to anyone.  Thank you Demyan, for accompanying me on this magical journey.”

Following are excerpts from feedback received from parents as a result of their children (Gen-Y) receiving coaching:

Client – 27 years old:

(Client) and I (the mother) have chatted about these sessions often. I am so proud and in awe that he, at such a young age, identified issues and has done something about it.  So many people do not realise this in a life time.  In fact, I am so taken aback with what has happened and the growth that I have seen, that I am thinking of doing something myself, having just resigned from my job and starting a new chapter in my life.

Because he is only starting out in his career and “adult” life, I think the timing was perfect and my only wish was that we could have done this earlier. 

Client – 18 years old:

Thank you so much for the positive help and support you have given (Client) over the past weeks... I believe her responses to the questionnaire shows the courage of her convictions and a newfound maturity beyond her years.

We have noticed a marked improvement in our interaction at home, almost as if (Client) has found an inner peace which translates into a more mature and loving home environment. This I think, has resulted, consciously or sub-consciously, in both (mother) and I (father) "cutting her a bit more slack". I even get the odd "cuddle" from time to time (which I love).

I think two major positives have emerged as a result of her coaching. First and foremost, it has helped (Client) regain some of her old self confidence and self esteem, and has certainly showed a mature young lady disguised as a "rebellious" teenager. The second positive, in my opinion, is that it has shown me that I need a change of mind-set. She is no longer "my little girl" but a mature(ing) young lady who deserves to be respected and treated as such.

(Names have been withheld for the sake of confidentiality)

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