In Japanese the word 'kintsukuroi' means "to repair with gold". It is the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.


Life often presents us with what we need, rather than necessarily giving us what we want. In this process, we could get hurt and as a result we develop particular belief systems.

Life happens for us, not to us. Our personal responsibility is thus to search for and identify the “gold” - the lesson and the learning in everything that happens ‘for’ us.

In order to heal or to repair that what seems broken, we could reflect on the question: How can I best work with what happened for me.

As a Cognitive Behaviour Coach (REBC) and facilitator, that is precisely what I do not only in my own life, but also when working with clients.

My coaching-model focuses on what we can change – our thoughts and our behaviour. My honest and very direct coaching styles enables clients to shift towards expressing their profession, creativity, spirituality and Self in a way that creates meaning in what they do, experience and live. 

My studies and qualifications include:

  • Executive Coaching (UK)
  • Cognitive Behaviour Training (SA)
  •  SETA Accredited Assessor - Conduct Outcome-based assessments (SA) 
  • Counselling (SA)
  • Mac Master Family Therapy (SA) 
  • Creativity Coaching (USA)
  • Social Psychology (USA)
  • The Clinical Psychology of Children & YoungPeople (UK)
  •  Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (USA)
  • Critical Thinking in Global Challenges (UK)
  • Introduction to Neuroeconomics (RU)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (UK)
  • The Addicted Brain (USA)
  • N.Dip. Clinical Technology - Cardiovascular Perfusion in Thoracic Surgery (SA)

                                                               (Click here to download a more comprehensive Resume)

My historic background includes Cardiovascular Perfusion (Clinical) and International Business Management (Corporate). 

I am also the resident coach and co-facilitator of Interpersonal Intelligence (Emotional Intelligence) and corporate Leadership Development in association with Psychology at Work.

I have long-standing coaching relationships with clients across South Africa; Europe: UK; USA; UAE and the Far-East. In addition, I often feature as guest-speaker on radio programmes and write blogs for various organisations.

My joy and challenge is coaching and mentoring "Generation-Y" and their parents by offering guidance toward attaining Emotional Intelligence and the teaching of life skills; as well as working with visual artists.

In addition, I work with Families who are committed to developing healthy family dynamics and relations.

My passion is providing care and support to professional people who are living with HIV, as well as offering support to the families of people living with HIV. 

My previous career(s) was in the Medical Field (Clinical & Commercial) where I worked in  and visited various countries across the world.

I currently live in the beautiful village Greyton (Overberg, South Africa) with my life-partner and three magnificent Main Coon cats. During my spare time, you could find me either in the yoga studio; or in the kitchen where I am baking bread; or behind my piano or camera.

My enthusiasm is in living positively and in guiding people towards a higher level of 

Awareness; Meaningfulness; Authenticity and Self. 

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