Philosophy of Coaching 

We are constantly  directed and influenced by the 'stories' we tell ourselves.

The story is narrated by the ever-present voice in our heads - a voice that could either serve us to do better and be true to ourselves, or a voice that could be over-critical, harsh and which is preventing us from achieving or goals or living a healthy, happy, prosperous life.

If only we could become aware of the narrative in our heads and changes the narrative to one that serves us better.  

It is indeed possible and advisable to change the internal narrative. With the help of an experienced coach, we embark on a process of becoming aware of the narrative and by learning skills to change it to a voice which is more rational, realistic and helpful.

By Changing the Narrative:

- our lives  could improve and prosper; 

- our relationships with people and with ourselves could improving and become more respectful and loving;

- it could help us to set realistic goals and to guide us to achieve those goals; 

- it could aid us in setting and honouring personal boundaries; 

- and it will most definitely direct our emotions and health. 

Therefore it is of vital importance that we focus on what we can change: our thoughts and our behaviour.


People who would typically work with me are :

- people who are dealing with anxiety

- people dealing with life transitions - either personal or professional

- people who feel 'stuck' and who are battling to introduce change into their lives

- people in conflict with co-workers, partners or family members

- teenagers and parents finding it difficult to deal with school/university/college and life 

- people dealing with relationship difficulties

- people and families in crises and who are dealing with conflict

- people focussing on career development

- artists dealing with 'creative blocks'

- people dealing with illness or loss

- people wanting to do better and not knowing how to go about doing it


Some benefits of coaching are:

- developing a rational, helpful, realistic mindset

- improving mental, emotional and physical health

- increasing self-awareness

- shifting an existing frame of reference

- gaining a new understanding and insight

- clarifying goals

- identifying and removing potential obstacles

- adding meaning to life

- learning new tools and skills which will facilitate people to do things differently and to cope differently 

Bridge the Gen-Y Gap 

Survival Tips for working with Millennials

This book, written by Demyan, helps provide context, understanding and some valuable tools on how to work with Generation-Y. 

The book also offers insight on the foundation of the different value systems. Part of working with people is due to the understanding of one’s own thought processes The “How To” section offers specific tools for leaders, managers, teachers and parents that could assist with Self-management, as well as Identifying, Managing, Motivating and Rewarding Generation-Y. 

The book also provides insight for Human Resources (HR) when interviewing and selecting the appropriate candidates for staff placement and talent development.

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